July 7, 2013

lets go to the movies...

three more sleeps and counting...then we are off to the movies!
a private screening of new flick 'the way, way back' that is
its not often enough we get to go to the movies so we are looking forward to seeing this movie, which mind you has a cast that includes our gal toni collette and the 40yr old virgin steve carell, it couldn't possible be bad could it!
the studiocanal movie is based around teenager liam jones trying to find his place in the big wide world during his summer vacation, taking a job at a water park and of course there is a little bit a romance with the girl next door. its been selected for the 2013 sundance film festival which to us is a pretty big tick of approval! cant wait for the lights to go down on wednesday night!
check out the trailer, we will let you know how we go on wednesday night and luckily you don't have to wait too long to see it cause it will be out for all to see on 1st August.