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Happy Birthday Ray Ban

happy birthday ray ban!

its been 75 years now since the many iconic styles of ray bans have been gracing the faces of people across the world! ray bans began many years ago back in 1937 when teh iconic aviators were created for the US Air Force as eyewear for its pilots. 1958 saw the brand expand into new styles for women...rhinestones anyone! the wayfarers launched in 1952 but when Audrey Hepburn strolled teh street wearing them in the 60's she made them a must have accessory1 bob dylan followed her lead. in the 80's everyone had a pair of ray bans! when tom cruise busted out the aviator in top gun sales shot up 40 percent! ring in 2012 and i'm sure most of us own a pair! wayfarers and aviators are still the most favoured styles and now come in a rainbow of colours! we love you ray ban! 

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