January 20, 2013

Lucia #4

we've recently been introduced to these sweet sweet candles and being the scented candle addicts we are...there is no turning back.
meet Lucia...mandarin & tomato flower
so many good things get ticked off the scented candle wish list with this little fragrant drop...
did we mention organic and a whopping 50hour burn time! say hello all nighter! (remember don't leave your candles unattended!)
soy wax...which to us is simply a no-brainer! soy wax = no nastys, yes please!
and if your not swooning over this just yet get ready...100% pure organic grade essential oils are used for the fragrance AND the fragrances are created in .... FRANCE! 
if its not clear already we have an addiction to all things frenchie...for one reason they just do things very very well and oh so chic!
don't be fooled by the tomato flower, on lighting this baby the smell is sweet, conjuring up an image in your mind of tiny dancing flowers, then the citrus kicks in and its heavenly!
head to their website herewww.saponesoap.com.au to check out the other yummy flavours!