January 12, 2013

arzu studio hope

if your in the market for a rug, arzu studio hope is the one and only place to buy one
arzu...means hope in Dari 
and this company is on a mission to end the cycle of poverty in Afganistan by employing woman in remote areas, who wouldnt normally have access to a job/income, to weave these beautiful rugs.
they provide the woman with a steady income, healthcare and education by selling their rugs on their behalf. 
not only that the company has been opening community centers for woman, providing healthcare and literacy classes. 
to their list of incredibly good deeds they also can add community gardens and sustainable housing structures. 
the rugs are beautiful but head to the arzu studio hope website here and read about the projects and they rugs go from being beautiful to breathtaking...its a truly inspiring business
to make a donation or purchase a rug click here 
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