December 20, 2012

the bestest of friends!

we have blogged about her before but feeling so much love this christmas we decided to pull her out of the archives and share our amazing best friend once again!

Its 'woman of the month' time again and  we have picked our super amazing friend Nicci aka Milk!!

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am 27 (which I am still coming to terms with!!) and right now I work for a bank, but I feel I might need a change in the new year! I love the beach, vodka sodas and those who know me well know that red rock deli chips are my biggest weakness! I’m currently obsessed with all things french and one day (if I win powerball) I hope to own a little chateau in France where I can go to escape sydney winters!

Anything your eyeing off to add to your wardrobe this summer?
A limited edition Kate Moss for Top Shop sequin playsuit.... because you can never really own too many sequins!!

Favourite place for a bevvie?
In the world.... it would have to be Harmony’s on Ios, but if were sticking local then I love a bevie anywhere with a view of the ocean

If you could eat anything right now what it would beA big mezze plate complete with olives, haloumi cheese, sun dried tomatoes, prosciutto, hummus and crunchy bread.

The most favourite thing in your wardrobe?
This is tricky but I’m going to say my faux fur vest. I bought it many years ago and I still love getting it out on a cold winters day, even thought the pockets now have holes in them!!What do you want to be when you grow up?A florist.

If I gave you $100 right now (I’m not) what would you do with it?
Ask my boss for the rest of the day off and take my two besties (dear september..... that’s you!) down to north bondi Italian for pasta and sangria jugs in the sunQuote: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing (Helen Keller)

Dinner Party guest list (4 people):
Jamie Oliver.... for assistance in the Kitchen
Stevie Nicks.... to lead the after dinner sing along with her amazing tambourine
Bradley Cooper.... just to look at really ;)
Britney.... I know she’s a little crazy, but I feel like I could talk some sense into her and then we would become great friends