October 30, 2012

trying to heal the world...

we have stumbled upon a great article on eco-age about inspirational fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, (notorious for her slogan t-shirts) thought it was worth sharing...
Designer Katharine Hamnett is something of a fashion legend. A pioneer of the ethical fashion movement, the British designer’s iconic monochrome slogan tees have been snapped up by everyone from the Beatles, to Madonna, and Princess Diana. Never one afraid to put her point across, Hamnett audaciously sported her “58% Don’t Want Perishing” T-shirt to meet then PM Margaret Thatcher at Downing Street (the Iron Lady reportedly let out a “shriek of horror” on seeing her, before suggesting that she may be at the wrong party).
Now, flash forward to 2012, where the impending threat of global warming is ever-present. In honour of Climate Week and in collaboration with high street chain H&M and the Environmental Justice Foundation, Hamnett today launched a new T-shirt campaign in an attempt to highlight the human impact of global warming. “Save the Future”, the black letters proclaim.
“Fashion is quite useful as a tool for positive change,” says Hamnett, making reference to the modern fascination with models and celebrity. “There has been too much hot air, let’s do something now.” In recent years, Hamnett became increasingly frustrated with the fashion industry’s failure to take account of their environmentally damaging manufacturing processes, to the extent that she launched her own environmental clothing line, Katherine E Hamnett.
check out her website here and take a look at her other projects.... very inspiring.