June 8, 2012

its not easy being green....

every wondered how you could recycle your sunday papers?...
hats, paper mache', ball gowns?.... well not quite but

here are some great ideas how.
i checked out this great site called care2. they have a range of topics of conversation including; healthy living, food, sex, love, pets, spirit and more!
they have listed '25 awesome uses for old newspaper'
hilarious!... I think my favourite is roll into a megaphone!
some are included below but for more great ideas definetly check out their site!

  • Roll into a megaphone
  • Fold into a sailor’s hat
  • Paste it up as wallpaper
  • Fold into a protective book cover
  • Make papier-mâché sculpture
  • Read it
  • Use as birdcage lining
  • Use to block windows
  • Use to protect floors when painting
  • Use to fill in holes and cracks
  • Make paper chains
  • Cut apart for scrapbooking or collage
  • Shred and reuse to make your own paper
  • Use as a dustpan
  • Use as kindling
  • Cover ground off season to prevent weeds
  • Accordion fold into a fan
  • Line your cabinets
  • Use as a rag
  • Wrap items when moving
  • Protect items when mailing
  • Use in shoes to maintain the shape
  • Wrap presents
  • Use as a tablecloth
  • Line your trash or compost