September 13, 2011

oh what a beautiful morning....

Picnik collage2

glorious weather today! forecast says 25! and 27 on saturday! oh yeah!!

here is a snippet of my day so and porridge with fresh strawberries to get me going and i walked past these amazing pink flowers this morning, not sure but it looked like a cherry bloossom which i love!

and a few new things around the house...

my tiny glass sugar jar from C its so cute but i broke the tiny spoon that goes with it :(

and my aunty brought me this amazing recycled timber box frame! i love it! anyone who is famliar with the frame man at glebe markets, he sells timber frames he makes out of recycled wood from old windows and doors...he know has these amazing box frames! in white, aqua and bright yellow they are so good and my superstar aunty surprised me with one

L oxox