August 12, 2011

Picnik collage
happy friday!
hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and for those good people doing the city to surf (i'm not one of the them!) good good luck!

todays threads so to say...
i picked up this white knit top yesterday for $15! im on a shopping ban that doesnt seem to be working out to well but what a bargain and i love a good knit!
my tan senso fringe boots (siennas really but i've adopted them) that are well worn in and my gold pendants, an L from urban outfitters and the bird one i brought while holidaying in mykonos a few years ago. its an old coin an the man who sells them has a tiny saw that he uses to cut of pictures in the coins! i'm not joking i watched him with my own eyes! i love it to bits!

and yes i'm wearing pants today they just arent in the photo so 'black jeans' will have to do!

have a fun weekend! L xo