April 30, 2013

cook republic

meet Sneh
super talented food stylist / photographer and responsible for the drool worthy site Cook Republic
full of tasty recipes that you can search via main ingredient e.g. click on the honey tab and your are confronted with a bevy of goodness...like honey chocolate pistachio bark! hello!
make sure you check it out, if not for the delicious recipes and idea, do it for the photos!

ol dairy

a very clever cookie in the rural town of Roxbury, Connecticut transformed an old enormous dairy farm into a charming three bedroom home...complete with pizza oven and all!
we love that the exterior shape of the old dairy farm building has been left in tact

April 29, 2013

aga baranska

we love lurrrve chunky paint, is there nothing better to look at!
yes, actually there is! these fashion paintings by aga baranska are the bee's nees!
mixed mediums to perfection we think aga's works are beautiful, vibrant and oh so cool!

April 24, 2013

andres gallardo

lions and tigers oh my!
or in this case...lions and horses and eagales oh my!
andres gallardo = amazing
how we only found out about these incredible jewellery pieces until now we will never know, but never mind they are here now
beautifully crafted porcelain figures are put together to create jewellery works of art
these are some of our favourites but be sure to check out the store here

anthropologie wish list

we can be in the worst mood humanly possible, but a couple of clicks around the anthropologie website dreaming up wish lists and we are feeling merry
this is the latest one we have put together...we would like it all pretty please!

soren rose

i would be more than happy if just my house looked like this (if i had a house!) let alone my design studio! but that is the lucky case for designer soren rose, who runs the Scandinavian furniture design studio 'soren rose studio'. this is a peak at the lovely Copenhagen studio but we would love to see what their NYC studio looks like too!

April 20, 2013

fruit crate crushing

we love fruit crates
their raw rustic charm...we cant get enough of 
i picked up my fruit crates at an antique store down south but you can find a lot on ebay now and replica's are popping a lot now too
i use mine a lot! to store my blankets, to merchandise our stall at the farmers markets, storage etc
these are some other great uses i found

rain rain go away

sydney is dripping wet today
i'm on the couch with a pot of tea staying warm
and dreamy of resting in any of these beautiful bedrooms

April 15, 2013

stockholm your cool

we haven't been to stockholm but its definitely on the wish list
seems to us that stockholm has become a hub of amazing architecture, fashion and design
so when we found these pictures of this trendy industrial style apartment in stockholm, we weren't surprised that we loved it, black kitchen and all!

5 of the best :: wall clocks

what's the time mr wolf!
we love a nice big wall clock in the home, keeps you running on time and they look good
two things we think a clock needs if its going to take centre stage on a wall at home...it needs to be big and it needs to be good looking! less it usually more, something simple but thats a little bit bold.
these are five clocks we found trawling on etsy that we love!

April 14, 2013

April 11, 2013

etsy store crush :: xuanqi

dainty, modern, raw and insanely affordable...prices start at just $10
our latest esty store crush is that of xuangi
amazing crystal pieces...these are some of our favourites