November 5, 2012

a slight obsession with glass...

to be exact, a slight obsession with glass cloches.... what is a cloche? 
here is a fact for the day:

Certain garden plants, especially sensitive flowers and young seedlings, require protection from the elements and a more hospitable atmosphere in order to grow well. Since constructing a miniature greenhouse around every plant would be impractical, some gardeners create the same effect by using a device known as a glass cloche. A glass cloche, also known as a bell jar orgarden cloche, is a piece of thin, hollow glass which flares out in a curved bell shape. The glasscloche is placed over a flower or seedling in order to protect it from predators and provide an enclosed atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide and heated by the sun. Moisture in the form of condensation can also be found on the inner walls of a glass cloche.
In essence, a glass cloche works like a miniature greenhouse or hot house, which is ideal for many species of plants which require well-controlled environments in order to thrive. Glasscloches also thwart the efforts of many insects, since they cannot penetrate the glass or burrow under the cloche. The transparency of the glass also allows visitors to view the flowers without disturbing the flower bed itself. via
now they have been used extensively in interior decorating. they are perfect for table decorations, book case objects, cake displays, flower displays, great for wedding decorations, candles, mini gardens, cheese platters, stack old books or unique treasures under them.. the list goes on!
let your imagination run wild!... here is some inspiration!