October 12, 2012

girl crush...

.h e l e n a  c h r i s t e n s e n.
the smokey eyed brunette is hard not to look at. big almond eyes, olive skin and every inch of her oozes with femininity....
 did we she mention she is a model turned photographer and now a designer!
helena christensen has teamed up with lingerie brand trump to create a collection of divine underwear.
The Danish supermodel had appeared in several Triumph campaigns, but now she’s collaborated with the brand to launch her debut collection.
"I designed it all myself, but obviously had a team working with me to explain all the technical aspects — we put together mood boards, sketches, fabrics, just anything that I felt inspired by," the 43-year-old told UKVogue. "It was fascinating to sit with experienced designers and see the background of the construction. There was a lot to learn — I even went to Hong Kong to talk to the seamstresses and see the samples. I was really involved."
The results are stunning, with three themed ranges to suit your every move: vampy Poetica, feminine Ballerina and romantic Dahlia. The Helena Christensen for Triumph collection is available from January 2013. via