October 8, 2012

a day in paree'....

i was recently lucky enough to take an amazing trip to europe!
over the next few days i will share some pics with you all of my favourite places..... starting with of course, paris!
whats not to like, immaculate parks, little parisian units you dream to live in, the eiffel tower... how it sparkles every hour!
the food, oh the food! 
its the one place your allowed a cheese covered chicken baguette first thing in the morning. bread, bread and more divine bread... 
and of course laudree'. pretty sure we can safely say they are the BEST macrons in the world! 
i indulged in a mix of vanilla, pistachio and coffee... yum!
so while i cry over the fact i am no longer there i hope these pics either inspire you to go or bring back some memories!

x o x o