June 20, 2012

kerry rocks... really she does!

kerry rocks.... amazing rocks if we say so!
australian jewellery designer extrodinare..
"Australian born Kerry Beard has been designing jewellery for 6 years, and she combines her two passions, travel and jewellery, in her label Kerry Rocks.
Spending most of her life between Asia and Greece, Kerry naturally became inspired by the cultures of these regions. Her fascination for precious stones and jewellery brought her back to Australia to study gemology, and later her travels took her to India where she lived for 3 years learning all aspects of gem manufacturing and jewellery making.
Today Kerry's work takes her all over the world, from sourcing aquamarine and tourmaline in Africa, to amber and opals in Mexico. The stones are then hand cut and carved into beautiful gemstones and set into unique jewellery pieces.
The distinctive old world inspiration reminiscent in her work can be traced to the Rennaisance, Persian and Roman periods, while the pieces are designed for the contemporary woman of today.
A recent collaboration with Mexican jewellery artist Jose Becerra has seen the addition of the 'Serpentine' collection to Kerry Rocks. This Art Nouveau inspired range of hand carved Mammoth Ivory and Mexican Amber jewellery, is collectable and precious.
Gemstones included in the Kerry Rocks range are Ruby, Emerald, Tourmaline, Australian Chrysoprase, Opals, Pearls and Jade".
check out her store in paddington and have your pen and paper ready, you will definetly be starting a wish list!
some of our favourites!