June 10, 2012

california dreaming*

henry diltz.
remember the name if you haven't heard it.
folk musician turned rock photographer.
'Diltz became interested in photography, met The Monkees, played on some of their recording sessions, and took numerous photographs of the band, many of which have been published. His work also attracted the eye of other musicians who needed publicity and album cover shots.
He was the official photographer at Woodstock and the Monterey and Miami Music Festivals, and has photographed over eighty record album covers'.
he recently released a book titled 'california dreaming'. only 2000 copies were printed, each signed and numbered by diltz himself, including a hand written dedication in each book... "thank you god for this energy".
he always carried 2 cameras, one for black and white and one for colour and often avoided editing images as he liked to 'let the universe decide'.
he works has not only seen him front many music moments but also included moments such as a week on a boat with paul mccartney and family and weeks on private plans with keith richards and ron wood.
neil young
the doors
james taylor
keith richards & ronnie wood
joni mitchel