May 11, 2012

q u e n t i n j o n e s

quentin jones. artistic extrodinarie.
mixed media illustraions. illustrated images. magical. short films. mash ups. whimsical. pop iconography.quirky illustrations. stop motion photography.
the former model (who also has a philosophy degree) has now produced short films for clients ranging from chanel, victoria beckham, another magazine and nowness just to name a few.
the short films remind me of the paper dolls you once dressed up... but imagine painting all over them, putting them in a mish mash of designer clothing and making them dance!
its not only her short films but she also has an amazing collection of mixed media and illustrated images.
check out her website here.
get lost in her short films, my favourite would be the 'point test no.1 for nowness'.
quentin jones