May 19, 2012

let's live simply... here's how

Rhonda Hetzel is the lovely lady behind "down to earth"
her blog is full of inspiring and useful ways on how we can live simply. simply put.
dream of baking your own bread, knitting, growing your own veggies or making your own laundry liquid (really!)
the blog is full of recipes, craft, images, details and personal encounters.
its so enjoyable to read her posts about friends, family and her happenings.

"Simple living is about finding peace, joy, beauty and satisfaction within ourselves and in that place we’ve been told it never is – our homes. It is about regaining the power to direct our own lives and become doers rather than buyers. It’s about becoming independent and discovering that happiness is not bought, it is developed gradually in the day-to-day activities of life."
Rhonda has now released a book by the same name "down to earth"
the perfect gift idea! a great guide on all ways to enjoy life the old-school way.
visit her blog here.