April 30, 2012

how to cure Mondayitis .....

Wait A Minute Mr Postman!!

What a way to start the week... Lots of orders to post!!
Hopefully some are some lovely mothers day pressies!!!

Free Shipping.... dearseptember

Weekend Fun.....

Celebrating birthdays is always so much fun... Even when it isn't yours!

We had loads of fun over the weekend with the ladies celebrating one of their very special birthdays!

I was channelling the material girl....think leather black mini, grey muscle tank, lucky charm necklace and polished off with vintage cream lace beaded jacket... Madge eat your heart out!

for mum

Mother's Day is creeping up now...only 2 weeks left of our free shipping off, get in and get your mama a gift! xx

H&M kisses

this H&M campaign this super cute but also for a very good cause.
the 'fashion against aids' campaign was put together to raise awareness amongst youths about HIV / AIDS. since the launch of 'fashion against aids' H&M have raised of 6millon dollars for four different orgainisations that educate the new generations about the prevention of HIV / AIDS.
well done H&M...we love you even more now!

April 28, 2012

weekend spaghetti

super easy and super tasty....cut a bag of tomatoes into quarter wedges and toss into a baking tray with olive oil, salt, pepper and a couple of pieces of garlic
into the oven for about half an hour, pull out the tray and add drained spaghetti and some fresh herbs! Yum!

April 26, 2012


fashion crack, depends what day it is, chanel bags & cigarette drags

mummy dearest.....

go on and pamper her!
dear september have free shipping store wide until mothers day! start shopping!

MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

take a look at these divine, delicious, uber amaze, spangly, sparkly jewels from "spike the punch".
we are thinking they are our new must have accessory!
super cute with a button up shirt or perfect with a chunky knit over winter!
check out their etsy store here for more fab finds.

give us a t

we are truly madly deeply in love and obsessed with terrariums at the moment
tiny glass things full of tiny plants...what is not to love! the prisms are our picks of the bunch!
has anyone made one before?? x

be inspired...

the week is ending... hooray for the weekend!
 lets hope for a positive week ahead!
be inspired, think positive and keep learning!

qui qui frenchi....

in the spirit of all things french...
weekend breakfast must have is a delicious batch of french toast! mmm!
there are loads of recipes out there and i think it can be as saucy and sweet as you want it to be!
top with fresh berries, honey and yoghurt to add some goodness!
click here for recipe!

vanessa paradis...

we have a massive girl crush
on french beauty vanessa paradis (not to mention her other half johnny depp!)
a true beauty.
she is one envious slasher with model (slash) singer (slash) mother (slash) actress... just to name a few things under her belt.
we admire her true Parisian style, raw, relaxed yet somehow beautifully polished and feminine...
what do you think?

good afternoon, good evening & good night

Pink sky shepherds delight...

In my cupboard.....

A few of my daily essentials:
- sukin organic night cream. thick and delicious it puts the moisture right back where it belongs!
- sohum Tahitian gardenia perfume. This a daily must for me, super floral and bright, even spray before bed for tropical dreaming! (available at dear september)
- kit cosmetics 'jump start' neon colours nail polish, oh yeah put some spice in your life!
- maybelene water proof mascara in black black, don't leave the house without it!


scavanger scarf, big, bold and cuddly ..... shop now for F R E E S H I P P I N G ....


our religon is you, fashion crack, depends what day it is