March 31, 2012

10% off Easter sale!

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March 30, 2012

day trip

Today we zipped up to the central coast to surprise our friend kailah with a birthday lunch!
We dined on salmon wonton stacks and passionfruit sponge cake! Mmm hmmm! X

U N D E R $20 D O L L A R S....

check out some amazing pieces from dear september that are all under $20.... plus loads more!
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March 29, 2012

ummmmm yep we need one of these!

... actually we ALL need one of these!
take a look at Rifle Paper Co's heirloom recipe box. the wooden box holds the adorable recipe cards you can mix and match!

we heart lana....

lana del jeans... watch it... enough said.....amazing!

In Her Shoes...

in her shoes is a facebook campaign set up celebrate refugee women who have come to this country to begin a new life.
the idea behind the campaign is for women to share their story through the metaphor of shoes.
help put a stop to the negativity surrounding migration and share a story.
click here to visit the facebook page.

a l l  u n d e r  $50.... p l u s  i t s  s a l e  t i m e!

ricotta hotcakes with maple butter....

so easter always makes me think of delicious hot buttery breakfasts. from memories of camping making hot plate pancakes, eating chocolate first thing in the morning and drinking pots of tea while the air is still crisp!
this recipe from donna hay is one i will be trialling this easter, it sums it all up...
ricotta hotcakes with maple butter.... salivating yet?
recipe here.

T H E V E L V E T S O F A ...

soft, smooth, fuzzy, retro chic, once old, always new, classic, modern, old school, Nana's, stevie nicks, velvet underground, on side of the road, in kitchy cafe, in hotels, parlours, khaki green, mustard yellow, pale blue, warm browns... what ever goes as long as its velvet.

h a p p y e a s t e r s a l e

a book worth a look....

fifty shades of grey by E L James. we are yet to read it but its all the talk... said to be provocative, erotic and become an obession!
think student meets handsome entreprenuer, not much at first glance unitl they meet in an out of town hardware store!.....yep just dashing out to get it now!
rumor has it is said to also become a movie.

i think its time you need glasses....

well if you don't you will certainly be wanting them! imagine sitting at your desk or indulging in a good book wearing a pair of these stunners!.... amazing!
these glasses are just a few from famous french eyewear brand francis klein.
check out their website here for a full range of quirky styles...... so fun!
better book in your next optometrist appointment!

March 28, 2012


we were sitting here sipping champagne and people watching...

belt it up

flower power

Great gift ideas...

Leather and suede travel wallets always make for a great gift! Lots of colours available!

s a l e s a le s a l e s a l e . . .

searching for.... in love with.... need.... want....

the peacock chair!
there is something so vintage retro about the peacock chair.
i picture myself sunning by a pool in the 70's with a head scarf and oversized rose tinted glasses, cocktail of pims and cucumber in hand, my famous friends surrounding me....
OK so i know this wont actually happen when i get the chair, but hey let me dream!

hot cross buns, hot cross buns.....

so this time of year we are always OBSESSED with hot cross buns, fresh and warm, toasted with butter, anything goes!
so if your feeling crafty try making them yourself!
check out this great recipe on taste and im sure all the clan would appreciate them this easter!
click here for recipe!
mmmm enjoy!