November 30, 2011

how to...piled & pinned

its the messy 'do' thats actually a hair style...a little more groomed than bed hair!
step by step here

wisssshhh lissssst

come on sun! there are summer dresses waiting to be worn....
ellery graz sunglasses (i know i'm obsessed)
chloe embellished ankle boots

t is for turkey

in honour of christmas and just because its delicous i have been cooking a lot recently with turkey mince.
its nice and lean and its tasty!
so last night i tested out turkey 'bolognaise' and last week it was turkey tacos...yum!!!
try it out!

gaga we love you!!!

November 28, 2011


lady boho nicole richie ... always inspiring with her fashion choices whether she is casual or glam
and her every changing handbag seems to always be a feature accessory
via weheartit

margie friday

nothing better when your in the need of some sos than margaritas with the gals! friday was one such occassion and save our souls we did! margies, taco's and dancing...thanks ladies! xx

 another round for table 851 please!
 chicken taco's!

 the cocu...tequila, ginger and coriander...delicous!
hot sauce not for the faint hearted! you will need another margie to cool your mouth down!

camilla & marc spring summer 2012

lots of tailoring and black pumps. need to get a pair of black pumps!

dear joella

Joella by Jason Ierace (NSFW)

November 27, 2011

dumplings from my dumpling

Saturday night the bf and i decided to stay in. (more so that the ladies and I enjoyed too many Friday margaritas!) i had a genius idea that he should cook me dinner!
so he jumped onto and found a delicious dumpling recipe. i don't eat pork so we substituted with chicken and let me tell you they were DELICIOUS! polished off with a cold beer and it was a rather superb evening!
I'm super inspired now that we have made them and they turned out so I'm looking forward to doing it all again! delicious!