October 5, 2011

top 7...

ok so the week isnt out yet but these are my favourite things so far..........drum roll please.....

1. maybelline baby lips
C brought me this as a little present! its supposed to make your lips nice and smooth and get rid of all the cracks! i got the cherry!

2. nakula!

delicous coconut water! i've tried them all and this is the only one i really like!

i put mine in the freezer to make it super cold before cracking it open! mmmm! i have fine first thing in the morning plus its amazing for hangovers put its also pretty tasty with a splash of vodka! you can pick it up at iku and some health food stores

3. hair braids...

with 'bits' weaved in! love this! no idea how i would get this to work? a bit of ribbon and some bobby pins perhaps? anyway love it!

4. tony bennett

his duets II cd features amy winehouse and lady gaga. sold! downloaded it yesterday and i cant get enough!

5. one day

this book is by far one of the best books i have read in a long time, it was my pool side companion in bali and i cant put it down!

6. blueberries
their back!!! and $3.50 a punnet at coles oh yeah!

7. day light savings
do i even need to explain this one! leaving work with the sun still shining makes me so happy!