October 31, 2011

OH just stumbled across images for next years campari calendar after blogging about campari cocktails! crazy!! they do one every year..next years features milla jovovich

cocktails at 5

on saturday at lunch we sipped on cocktails that were campari, vodka and ruby grapefruits! the ruby grapefruits were squeezed fresh into the glass, with plup and lots of ice! so delicous that i think it could be my summer drink! and its pink!
not sure how much campari to put in? any recommendations i've never used it before

hollywood halloween

i love halloween, i wish we really got into it like america i love seeing all their costumes and big parties! these are some of my favourite halloween costumes for this year, that i have seen so far....
gwen stefani as cinderella
kim kardashian as poison ivy
and wowah! heidi klum as...?? a skeleton/skinless body? 7 hours in the make up chair now that is halloween dedication!

i sadly wont be trick or treating but guess what i picked up on dvd for tonight to keep in the spirit of things......hocus pocus! love this movie!!


I need these shorts! NEED!!!!
metallic crohet! hello!
One Teaspoons Valentine Short...dear santa if your listening you can buy them here! I've been good this year!

October 30, 2011

..um so super delicous!

                                             yesterday we enjoyed a fabulous day of eating!
a big thanks to our amaze friend nicci who shouted us both lunch at north bondi Italian as a belated birthday present!
to say the day was perfect is quite the understatement... we sat in sun overlooking the pristine bondi beach while we ate arancini balls, crab pasta that had been cooked in a paper bag, eggplant lasagna and polished it all off with ruby grapefruit cocktails and macchiatos... D, E, LICOUS!
the bottom pic is of L in her new floral palazzo pants.. she kindly did a montage for us! 
IMG_1140 (2)
IMG_1143 (2)
IMG_1147 (2)

happy hallows


October 28, 2011

if i had...$$$

Picnik collage

if i had $140 i would grab shakuhachi well trained camisole in tangerine here
for $250 it has to be sass and bides the calm one dress here
and finally if i was going all out for $350 i would pick one teaspoons gold rush maxi dress here

he's back

pretty boy andrej pejic is back for the new ad campaign for fashion brand auslander...and this time its extra quirky with him being featured with male model affectionately know as zombie boy for his full body tattoos.
still havent wrapped my head around the whole andrej thing...dont get me wrong i think he is gorgeous but when i see him modelling as a woman i'm a little taken back!

images from huffingtonpost

i feel pretty

i was a little bit naughty yesterday and picked up this new white crochet top. and its so pretty!
i cant wait to wear it when the sun finally comes out with a pair of shorts and some sandals but in the meantime ill have to wear it with jeans...which is what im doing today!
jeans and my old faithful suede ankle boots...until the sunshines!

October 27, 2011

its a nice day for a (white?) wedding

would you? could you...wear a black wedding dress?
vera wang recently sent a collection of 7 down the runway, here are a few and i think they are stunning!
i think i would have to go for the last one...love it!
images from fashionista


summer is coming! time to add some colour!
1. chanel in mimosa yellow 2. revlon top speed in electric 3. ysl in surreal yellow
4. rimmel in sunshine 5. opi in need sunglasses


hbz-lady-gaga-cover-1-1011-de hbz-lady-gaga-cover-1011-de
we cant get enough of lady gaga, we love her!
so when we spotted this make up free portraits over at the hapers bazaar website we had to share. so beautiful x

all in the eyes

Picnik collage
if, like me you love the winged liquid eyeliner look i found a great how to over at glamour.com...the instructions are here!

images from wehearit

Paris Vampire Ball...

as if you wouldnt kill to attend this! French Vogue fashion editor Carine Roitfeld hosted a "vampire ball" in paris during the recent spring/summer shows. think of any top model, designer and "it" person  and guarenteed they were there!
...ooooo halloween couture.... spooky!
C x
images found on fashionologie.com

October 26, 2011

miss jambrak is our ridiculously talented friend...
she is a freelance graphic designer & illustrator and recently launched her website cargocollective.com/karinajambrak
her portfolio will not disappoint, its full of amazing illustrations, paintings and more
so if you’re in need of some creative flair…look no further
check it out here!
image belongs to karina jambrak

oh la la

image via fashionising

dinner is served...again

being a fan of nakula coconut water, when i discovered their new product...organic coconut cream i simply had to make a curry and try it out so last night.......green chicken curry!
Picnik collage

i just use valcom curry paste and follow the instructions on the jar!
some fish sauce, some veggies (i used mushrooms, green beans and carrots)
using coconut cream instead of milk made such a difference! and the nakula cream was so thick and silky! i'm telling you, my curry was almost resturant quality! (or so i thought ha ha) but the sauce was delicous and the coconut flavour really kicked through!
i served my curry with brown rice and topped it off with fresh coriander! yum!
if you want to try nakulas organic products head to their website here for stockists.