September 14, 2011



teriyaki salmon has become one of my weekly dinners, its quick and super healthy.
you can make teriyaki sauce but i just buy the kikkoman teriyaki sauce from the super market which makes things even quicker!

i get two pieces of salmon from the fish shop, i get the tails because they have no bones and i also get the skin off.

i cut the tails into bite size pieces because then you get a nice brown colour on all over, put them in a bowl with lots of the teriyaki sauce and some fresh grated ginger. give it a mix and put it in the frige for about half an hour.

heat a fry pan or wok with a little sesame oil and in goes the salmon, cook to your liking but it only takes a couple of minutes. i leave the pan on, take the salmon out and chuck the bok choy straight into the pan so it picks up all the crispy bits, again bok choy only takes a few minutes!

i serve the bok choy and salmon with brown rice and fresh lime! its delicous! yum!