July 6, 2011

oooh were half way there....ooooh ooh

Copy of IMG00933-20110702-1705

happy hump day! and in the words of bon jovi yes, we are, half way there! woo!
loving the blue sky and the chilly air at the moment! we are off to our first zumba class tomorrow! anyone tried it? you probably all have I'm a little behind the times, i'm excited and kind of scared! wish us luck!
these are my favourite tea cups from t2 and next to it is lindt dark chocolate with orange. um...amazing!

Copy of IMG00934-20110702-1705

and these here are a few things from my kitchen last night...

salt in a little silver bowl, the jar with the spoon is vintage and i keep my chilli flakes in there

fresh flowers, olive oil up the back there and an antique silver elephant tea pot that i love!

does anyone else have lots of 'bits' in there kitchen! i try to do the uncluttered look but i want to look at things all the time and here they are taking up the bench!

have a great day! L x