April 17, 2014

metallic madness

with a plumber husband it wasn't too hard to convince him that one day when we have a house to renovate we seriously consider some copper pipping or taps, some sort of metallic touch
love the industrial feel it adds to a kitchen or bathroom whilst still maintaining a homely warmth
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April 14, 2014

a beautiful beach house

I actually know very little about this house, other than its a stunning revamped fisherman's cottage in Australia, near the beach. Maybe in Queensland? Seems to be the place for impeccably renovated fisherman's cottages, with just shutters on the windows because the weather allows you to do so!
I love the 'coastal' décor touches with out it being a cliché beach house....a beautiful piece of coral on the shelf, some well placed hats, perfect timber accents and a cool colour palette

April 11, 2014

andrea d'aquino

new york artist andrea d'aquino mutilates paper pieces she has painted or printed and reconstructs the little bits to create these beautiful artworks.
these ones in particular are for her recent collaboration with anthropologie on their latest moroccan themed look book. 
see more of Andreas works on her pinterest page

feeling electric

gorgeous deep bright bold electric blue
works every time…
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April 10, 2014

shine a light

its not often an Australian home gets featured on the blog, not sure why that is, maybe its because of ours (& everyone else's) obsession with Scandinavian style at the moment?? anyway...we found this little gem and had to share, we love how the home has been designed to let lots of natural light shine in and highlight the rooms