July 15, 2013

ladies night

we sneaked off last night for ladies night and we went to the movies. Nothing better than a big bucket of popcorn and a good flick, and a good flick it was. We went and saw 'the way way back' and LOVED it! 
we laughed, we cried, we loved the wino next-door neighbor and we hated the mean ol 'mums new boyfriend'!  there is nothing better than leaving a cinema feeling elated, grinning from ear to ear! 'the way way back' was definitely one of those films. 
our gal Toni Collette played the star, Duncan’s, Mum and opposite Steve Carell played her new boyfriend (strange seeing him in a serious role but he pulled it off with flying colours)
the movie follows duncan, an awkward teenage boy stuck between a messy divorce and his mums new over bearing boyfriend. with zilch self-confidence and feeling tiny he befriends the playboy-esque (did we say gorgeous?) lifeguard at the local water slide park who is more a big kid than an adult but non the less, helps him be happy. and so their friendship begins and the journey is a roller coaster ride of emotions, anger, sadness, romance and of course an awesome happy ending! If you need a high this is where to find it, "the way way back".
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