January 16, 2013

green thumb...

living in a unit means unfortunately i don't have a large garden to tend to (or try to tend to!).
 this summer i have been embracing the pot plant!
windowsills, mantles, kitchen counters and even in the bathroom, beautiful bright potted plants are now appearing all over my unit!
bring flora and fauna in, no excuses for lack of space, lets all start potting!
here are some top tips for your indoor plants....
Overwatering kills most houseplants. Looks can be deceptive, so to see if your soil is dry enough to water, try the finger test. Insert your index finger up to the first joint into the soil. If the soil is damp, don't water it.
A few plants require no sun. They can be placed away from a window. Other plants, such as Spider plants, need semi-shade. You can put plants like these near a window that does or does not get sunlight. Check the label to see what your plant needs.
Houseplants can survive in cool or warm temperatures, but drastic fluctuations of temperature may not be good for them. One thing that most plants cannot survive is gas heating. If you have a plant that likes warm conditions, don't put it near an air conditioner in the summer. 

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