October 23, 2012

happy birthday W magazine!

W magazine are celebrating their big 40!
to celebrate (and what a way to celebrate!) they have released four collectors edition covers featuring keira knightley, scarlett johansson, mia waikowska and rooney mara.
with a slight 'dark' vibe the covers work looks from the 2000's, 90's, 80's and 70's.

Rooney was delighted to be going 70′s while Mia’s look was more like a neo-Alice in Wonderland as she represented the 80′s. Scarlett looked amazing in a Dolce & Gabbana silk lace dress, grungeing it up and going for that 90′s goth look .
Keira was all dressed up for the 2000′s, she explained to W magazine that style-wise, she actually hated the last decade.“I think skinny jeans and micro-miniskirts are very unfriendly. I’ve been known to wear both, but on some days it seems like they were invented to make you feel bad about yourself.” viacheck out the covers below... our favourite is scarlett.... something strangley sexy about her silver hair!