May 23, 2012

... mezi ...

all hail australian online jewellery store 'mezi'...
you will be obsessed.... promise! think chunky cuffs, statement necklaces, dangly earrings and mega rings... oh yeah!
"Since inception in 2005, placing great emphasis on wearable, statement pieces has become a signature of a Mezi design. The inspired creation of Australian jewellery designers Adva Punin and Tal Manning, Mezi is now recognised for its modern approach on classic features, making for standout and truly trans- seasonal collections.
Inspired by their mother’s exotic background, Adva and Tal dedicated their label to their mum, Mezi. Today the sister's Moroccan Egyptian heritage remains a dominating influence which emerges in the collections' exotic textures and materials. These cultural influences give depth and life to their collections, with each piece becoming it's own beautiful discovery..."
definetley worth a peek..