September 12, 2011

nothing but blue skies...

what a weekend! summer is making its way thats for sure!
i snapped this pictures out the car window yesterday as we made our way home from a weekend on the south coast...
glorious blue skies! i love the south coast, all the beautiful green farms you get to drive past..not to mention the cows! all the calfs are born this time of year so there were tiny babies running around the fields! too cute!
and you cant go through berry and not stop off at the sourdough bakery! we had breakfast there...home made baked beans! yum!! and we got treats to take home although they didnt last that long!
the tiny town of milton always comes through... i picked up this giant pretty shell at an antique store for $4! not that i need anymore 'bits' in my house but i thought this was cute to keep my rings on