June 30, 2014

by the sea

this is a little bit torturous for a monday morning!
but hopefully it conjures up some wonderful holiday dreams & adventures!
this home in Italy seems likes it is literally floating in the water its so close to it! imagine the beautiful sound while you lay in the sun of the water lapping at the sides 
images via kinfolk

June 26, 2014

let there be light

this home in sydney's vaucluse is bursting with natural light, each room designed to let the maximum amount of the break taking view & surrounds flood into the room
the crispy white walls, floors and ceilings further illuminate the spaces, drawing your attention to the thoughtfully chosen furniture and light fittings in the room. lovely. 


mens fashion week has kicked off in the fashion capital…Milan
w magazine have, as usual, captured the glamorous hordes of babes attending
these are our favourite street style shots of some of the female audience
surely only a chic italian to pull off a full length gown with trainers or a neon suit with only one sleeve??

June 25, 2014


Ana Teresa Barboza :: wow

never have we seen textile art quite like the embroidery works of artist ana teresa barboza
stunning, breathtaking and mind blowingly clever!
the Peru artist studied painting before delving into the wonderful world of embroidery. we are sure glad she decided to explore that medium because combined with there painting and artistic eye, these beautiful works have emerged.