March 31, 2014

white, light & airy

we've got the monday blues!
this perfect little house in Laurel Canyon California is helping to cheer us up!
love the pops of colour throughout the breezy white space
the home screams relaxation…love that!
framed editorial prints create personalised artworks for the fashion brand consultant that lives here

March 28, 2014

formentera dreams

if you asked me what my dream home would look like I wouldn't of quite known what to say, that is until i saw this place!
this summer home in Formentera (neighbours Ibiza) ticks every box
the beautiful home belongs to fashion designer Consuelo Castiglioni… the founder of Marni, no wonder the home is so tasteful. 
when the cold winter weather kicks in I wouldn't mind escaping here

March 27, 2014

lisa lapointe

these colour happy prints are by Sydney artist Lisa Lapointe
we love the totem inspired playful designs that lisa draws using good old pencils and paper from her Whale Beach home
you can purchase Lisa's prints here 

March 26, 2014

hump // day

chanelbagsandcigarettedrags, frenchvoguettes, ourreligonisyou

March 25, 2014

country cottage

an interior designer restores her 1860s cottage in country Victoria with immaculate taste
we love that cottage's best features…the beamed ceilings, fireplaces, and original trimmings, have been incorporated lovingly into the renovations
we would love to spend a chilly weekend here, relaxing by the the fire or the chamber oven in the kitchen!