July 30, 2013

nordic country fusion

they have done it again...another scandinavian home we have fallen crazy in love with
love the strong addition of colours like the deep purple and navy, to a textured white backdrop
the eclectic mix of furniture has been chosen perfectly
the panelled ceilings and all the natural light that streams through makes this little house and cosy home

July 29, 2013

spring has sprung

well almost...only 4 weeks until spring is here! hooray!
we cant wait for the weather to warm up and day light savings to return so we can spend nice long hours outdoors!
this is our spring bbq wish list....a touch of bocce in garden with a nice iced pimms in a drinking jar? why how nice

the ken done

i recently spotted an old ken done pillow case in a second hand store
i smiled at the bright colours and the bold, playful brush strokes...signature to dones style
his unmistakable style i have no doubt is recognisable to most australians

July 28, 2013

July 26, 2013

jennie kwon

our love affair with tiny, dainty jewellery continues
jewellery designer jennie know has fuelled our passion
each piece is hand made in LA were jennie is based...you would never guess from the stunning designs  that jewellery has not always been jennie's path...a trained classical violinist, she turned away from music to pursue corporate law before jennie kwon designs was born
and we are so happy it was
head to jennies website to pick up some pieces you will treasure forever
below are our favourites (although it was hard to choose!)
moon and stars necklace, black equilibrium cuff ring, east west onyx ring, cluster bracelet, dark knight stud

July 25, 2013

July 24, 2013

etsy store crush :: lunaticart

anything with the word luna in it usually gets me, i think its such a beautiful word
and were sorry but yes its another post on delicate, dainty jewels..our favourite, however this one seems to be sitting at the top of our list so far
designer berenice travelled the world for years...selling her jewellery on the streets of the many different cities she visited, now based in Paris, she makes this stunning jewellery plus pieces in porcelain and sells them from her etsy stores
she picked up a few silvesmith tips while visiting a silver town in mexico but otherwise she is self taught...and each piece she hand makes at home in Paris. check out the store here
paris + jewellery =  love! and i've already placed my order! xo

July 23, 2013


stir your tea, serve some dip...teaspoons have many uses but we love them the most because they are small and cute! plus you can find so many different fun ones!

July 22, 2013

host restaurant :: copenhagen

the dans do interiors so so good! 
what could be considered cold...industrial lighting, metal furniture, grey tones...they turn into cosy, irresistible spaces
just like this restaurant, host restaurant in copenhagen
we love the creative use of timber chopping boards...incorporating them into the decorative accents of the space

July 18, 2013

etsy store crush :: kari hearer

these are...amazing
and they are photographs! talented photographer kari herer, layers fresh flowers over original artwork and shoots them with her camera
creating these quirky, beautiful photos that i cant believe i don't have adorning my walls yet! especially seeing as they are only $34! what!
you can contact & purchase kari via her etsy store here
the bear is my favourite! we are so happy we found kari's works, such a creative idea!

July 17, 2013

if its not enough that this house is stunning...but its more than a house, its the whole package...on the island of mallorca set in the mediterranean sea, its got lavender gardens, art on every wall (including the kitchen..love that!), a pool fit for a retreat and a straw hat collection worthy of spending days by the pool with a bloody mary in hand...ahhh

July 15, 2013

chair dreams

we have blogged about the humble acapulco chair before....
if you have ever been lucky enough to flop into one you were probably surprised at just how comfortable they are.....curved plastic doesn't make you think that, and its normally there sexy sleek lines that draw you to them initially.
we love these shots below of the famed acapulco chair making statements in peoples home
and we've created our own little acapulco wishlist/moodboard
you can get them now in pretty much any colour you can think of and also in a rocking chair design!
what colour would you get?

matt blatt chair, maiden hair fern, ikea lambs wool rug

parisian apartment

this beautiful parisian apartment belongs to a beautiful italian woman, paola navone
and if i tell you she is an interior designer...i'm sure your not surprised
we love the sleek design on the apartment, decorated with curiosities and inspiring thoughts of far away exotic places...
majority of the space seems to be decorated using demure shades, then bright bursts of colour are added tastefully throughout, balancing everything nicely