June 27, 2013

all hail the crop top

its so nice to see the crop top done with class
and we love the fresh take on a two piece suit but with a cropped top
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June 26, 2013

wonderful greenhouse

I'm not much of a gardener, succulents are as good as it gets at my place, and even then their are the occasional casualties
so...with this in mind, i never thought i would have the need for a greenhouse, until i stumbled across this wonderful greenhouse that graces a swedish garden
now...i need one! hello garden parties!

June 25, 2013

portraits of my family

...not our family, but photographer camilla catrambone
camilla has taken these 'portraits' of her family...the photo is a collection of pieces that belong to that family member or that camilla associates with them
we find them much more personal than your typical family portrait, these almost tell a story, they give you a little bit of inside into that persons life

nanny renata
grandpa antonio
grandma ilva

a pair & a spare

hopefully you are all already aware of a pair and a spare
and if not, you can thank us later!
geneva vanderzeil is DIY queen! we love her blog and its a constant go to for us when we are in the mood for a little DIY project. 
geneva shows you how to get some of the latest fashion looks with a few easy peasy steps and some wallet friendly materials. whats not to love!
this post is our current favourite but be sure to check out all the other tasty projects here and get instructions for the below.
homemade chloe inspired scalloped bikini anyone??! 

June 19, 2013

gypset travel

to me it feels like christmas was just yesterday but seeing us we are in june already clearly thats not the case! C gave me the beautiful book gypset travel by julia chaplin for christmas
it was only recently (shame on me!) that i had the chance to sit down and absorb all the pages
and i simply had to share!
if you don't have this book, you should get it
it takes you all over the world to tiny gypsy style towns and shares such hidden gems from around the globe with you, right from the beautiful photography on the glossy pages
these are some of my favourite pages
you can purchase the book here

layer upon layer

ekaterina panikanova
is the creative little mind behind these artwork-collage-installations
layering old books and documents and then painting over the top she creates these 3d artworks
amazing right!

prepare for wow

this STUNNING home belongs to bruno frisoni, designer of luxury shoe label roger vizier
its out of control beautiful! marble floors, arched doorways and don't even start us on the kitchen or the shower or the view or the clam shell lights!
AND its in morocco. oh course. 
its no surprise that these snaps are for none other than vogue magazine
this home is pure bliss! uh...did we mention its bruno's holiday home??!!?

June 11, 2013

kickin it

sneakers seem to be making a sexy come back
were glad to see them popping up in street style snaps across the globe
we love a good pair of heels but could you really complain about a comfy pair of sneakers?
images via french voguettes, they all hate us, tumblr