May 31, 2013

artist love

samantha french transports us underwater
the paintings she creates in her NYC studio, remind you of summer swims and the feeling of the water round you
we think they are amazing, and truly capture that underwater sensation
visit her store here to see all of her masterpieces
images belong to samantha french

May 29, 2013

school days

lockers at home
old school style metal lockers add a industrial touch to the home
plus... they provide lots of storage! perfect!
great as a wardrobe or in the kitchen to hide all the plates & pots
images: megan morton, weheartit

competition time!

we love a giveaway! 
we have the perfect winter warmer to give away, apothecary matchstick bottles! 
to enter all you have to do is 'like' the below image on facebook!
check out the 
dear september facebook page 


wish someone was taking me out to lunch this hump day
wish i had these pretties in my wardrobe ready to go!
a piece of mania mania jewellery is most definitely at the top of my wish list!

May 27, 2013


we fell in love with this Vogue US editorial...set in Morocco and channelling the 1920s
model - edie campbell photographer - peter lindbergh

May 26, 2013

pajaki chandeliers

what are these beautiful colourful things you might say!
pajaki chandeliers
pajaki are traditional polish paper chandeliers
intricately made up of paper and straws, they were the affordable way to decorate 19th century homes
they are extremely time consuming to the web tells me, however have a google and you will find some great tutorials like this one on kiss me i'm polish

May 24, 2013

you've got the love

what english rose lives here?
rock queen and vintage pin up florence welch!
her little english home looks like a modern day take on a colourful antique castle, filled with artworks, tapestry and of course...vintage clothes

May 23, 2013

its a garden party dream

day dreaming on this cold day....
come back summer, come back spring, i have this outfit in mind for a dreamy afternoon garden party, sipping champagne and eating finger sandwiches
or...perhaps even a modern day bride?

May 22, 2013

winter wilderness

trawling through the design files archives i stumble upon this Brisbane home
the home belongs to artist michael zavros and his art curator wife alison kubler
no surprises there, the home is brimming with uniqueness and beautiful pieces of art...including plenty of stuffed animals, even just by looking at the pictures i felt like i was looking photos of a museum instalment
with the air taking on a chilly crisp outside, i thought this home was a perfect winter warmer
also check out michaels work's at his website here, he would have to be one of Australia's top artist treasures

May 19, 2013

lovin lace

lace pants...
they need to be good, beautiful lace, scalloped hems
these are our top picks, i've got the yeojin's on my birthday wish list

bernard villemot

you may not know it but you would of seen the works of artist bernard villemot before
he is artist behind the gorgeous vintage (and well published) posters for bally and perrier, among a few
bold, bright, colour blocked poster, his signature style was happy and playful
its not often you see an ad for a shoe brand, without any shoes in it but rather an artfully graphic silhouette, such as bernards bally posters, somehow it made you want a pair of bally shoes, none in particular, you simply needed a pair

May 16, 2013

shoe porn

this is THE shoe wish list, it doesn't get much better than this!
actually it does, if i actually had all these shoes! imagine!

May 14, 2013

in the merry month of may...

new stock online now.

a stylists sea side shack

you may of guessed after seeing the images below that this charming sea side shack belongs to a stylists
the vignette in the kitchen might of been a big give away! 
we think stylist anna church's seaside home on waiheke island, new zealand is stunning, modern and oh so charming
we love her combinations of quirky, nautical and tropical accents...the straw hats in the hallway and the palm leaf cushions on the bed plus the old fashioned style light shade in the bedroom, made modern but adding a bulb light on yellow wire