February 27, 2013

hola Mexico

patricia larsen is a talented canadian artists whose abstract paintings have made her quite well known
here are some pictures she took of her beautiful mexican home
we only wish we could be hanging out there right about now! don't even start us on the Acapulco chairs! x

chanel lo

the chanel espadrille
oh. my. word.

5 of the best :: skull rings

February 26, 2013

hats on :: nyfw

fashion week is on in new york and it looks like hats are too
via weheartit

February 24, 2013

kaarina kaikkonen

kaarina kaikkonen is a sculptor, installation artist who it would seem has an obsession with shirts
and we think its pretty dam good!
the Finnish artist makes hanging the washing out look rather amazing!!

listening to...

23yr old english singer Lianne La Havas is the perfect mix of both soul and folk.
not just a singer but also a multi instrumentalist!
 we are currently dreaming to her track 'is your love big enough'
to see what other amazing things this chicka is up to check out her website here

February 23, 2013

top 5 sequin jackets

I'm not wishing summer away but a few rainy days have had me dreaming up winter wardrobe essentials
and the sequin jacket is definitely on our hit list! these are our top 5 picks to keep you warm and sparkly on a drab winter day

gallery walls

in the age of digital cameras and iphones, i don't know about anyone else but its been a long time since i've printed any photos and i hate it!
so incoming...gallery wall
i've started collecting frames and below are some of my favourite pictures that have inspired this 'gallery wall' of mine

monster mash

frenchvoguettes, theyallhateus, ourreligonisyou

February 21, 2013

ombre ombre ombre ombre

in fashion, the term ombre refers to the graduation of color in a garment. The term usually refers to a garment that is monochromatic but has a graduated variation in the saturation of the color. For example, a green ombre dress may be very pale green at the hem. The fabric becomes deeper in color the as it reaches from the bottom hem to the shoulder straps at the top of the dress, where the color might be a very deep forest green.
there are a number of ways to create ombre fabrics. With current textile technology, it is possible to create a piece of ombre fabric by using numerous threads that range in color saturation or a single spool of thread that has been specifically dyed to create an ombre effect. This kind of effect can also be created by dipping fabric into a vat of dye and very slowly pulling it out. In so doing, the part of the garment that is in the dye for the longest will have the deepest color. The variation in color will depend on how long each section of the fabric is left to soak in the dye. via
however ombre does not just have to refer to textiles. we are now largely seeing it throughout home decorating ideas, food, hair and objects of all shape and form!
we personally think it has a great effect around the home, from cushions, candles, tablecloths, even painted mason jars (you know how obsessed we are with jars!)
check out some great inspiration.
time to pull out the paintbrush?