November 9, 2012

a summer of soludos!

if you haven't heard of them you most certainly will this summer.
the perfect summer shoe. comfy espadrilles!

their STORY

Soludos was founded during a hot New York summer of 2010.
Moving to the city after college, Nick Brown looked for the espadrilles he had grown up wearing as kid during summers in Spain. He knew that the traditional jute soled shoes would be perfect for the city lifestyle.
Stylish for the evening, comfortable through the heat of the day and perfect for trips out to the beaches of Long Island. After all, flip flops and city streets just don't mix.
Finding nothing available he decided to design his own. Giving a nod to the Spanish heritage of the shoe and laid back lifestyle, 'Saludos' the Spanish word for 'Cheers' and 'Sol' for sun were combined, and 'Soludos' was born.
Soludos started with friends, family and Soho locals before we started selling select boutiques in NY, Montauk and LA.
Its always summer somewhere, so now we get to travel and introduce the perfect summer shoe around the world. Following the sun, has taken us through the US, Europe and Japan then south to Australia, South Africa and Brazil.
An endless summer indeed.via
check out the soludos website here, they have great fashion tips on how to wear your new espadrille's, loads of styles for both men and women plus they give you the low-down on all the crafty work that goes into their shoes! 
its love!