September 27, 2012

dont read if hungry....

one half of dear september was recently lucky enough to visit positano on italys coast.
an array of colour, beauty, food and fragrance.... it was hard not to fall deeply in love.
the food for me was one of the best ways to experience the culture..... good excuse i know!
upon returning i started hunting down for the best way to continue my holiday back in sydney..... solution has been found!
'amalfi coast recipes' by amanda tabberer. her second book on amalif coast, if you havent been lucky enough to devour her first book 'my amalfi coast' then i suggest you do this also!
this new recipe book however will have you drooling....
Flying squid and potato stew, Fish in crazy water, Spaghetti of the convent.
Already the food of the Amalfi Coast is intriguing.
The star is fresh produce from the sea, complemented by sun-kissed local ingredients: cherry tomatoes, artichokes, garlic, seasonal herbs and the famous Amalfi lemon.
Amanda Tabberer spent two decades living on the Amalfi Coast, and was made welcome at the tables and in the kitchens of passionate local cooks. Here she shares authentic Amalfi recipes that have been passed down through the generations.
available online from penguin here.