June 30, 2012

happy saturday!


June 28, 2012


be inspired by colour...

hola' mexico
hola' mexico
hola' mexico
feeling the love of colour and warmth... thinking of summer really!
we at dear september love all things mexican!
from spicy salsa, the gypsy kings blarring, tacos, nacho's, guacamole', margy fridays, textiles, colours, pattern and more more more!
so we hope you do too!.... here is a bit of spice for your day!

marc jacobs campaign...usual strangeness

jingle jangle jars...

what can you do with jars do you ask?..... more like what CANT you do with jars!
stop putting them in the recycling bin ladies there is a new way to reuse, or should i say there are new way's to reuse.
there are loads and loads of great ideas for jars, table centre pieces, vases, candle holders, storage caddys, paint tins, herb pots, flower pots.. the list goes on.
start saving your jars and get inspired.... starting now!

June 27, 2012

Winter Kate S/S '12 Look Book


mums the word

found this cheeky pic of us in some homemade jumpsuits mum made!
she was forever sewing clothes for us, decorating socks and making scrunchies... Oh yeah!
we always wore the same but one was always in pink an the other in blue or purple!....love it!

be my little dahlia...

d a h l i a
d a h l i a
this post is purely because its something pretty to look at.
my favourite flowers are dahlias... in particular white ones. sadly they will soon be out of season so pinch yourself a punch now!
they come in an array of beautiful colours and make great table centre pieces!
they last for ever in fresh water and i love cutting the bunch really short and filling a squat vase!

heads hair...

heads hair by guido.
guido is god.
hair extrodinaire.
Guido pioneered the radical unstructured styles made famous by his subjects - the likes of Kate Moss and Stella Tennant - reacting against slick salon styles, to enhance rather than hide people's idiosyncrasies. In this book he presents 100 classics shot by fashion photographers David Sims, Steven Klein and Paul Wetherell.
the book is full of shots from the early 90's, the glory days, when kate moss was young and attitude was at is best.
definetly worth at look, available online at amazon.