March 12, 2012


after walking past the bakery this afternoon and coming out with way too many hot cross buns a lightish dinner was on the cards...
steamed dumplings!!!!
i have never made them before but super super easy!
i brought 6 prawns for 2 people, a handful of shitake mushrooms and a fresh chilli
chop it all up, pop it in a pan with some sesame oil, grated ginger and garlic
once cooked get out the dumpling or wonton wrappers, wet the edges with water and fold them in half pinching the edges so the filling doesnt fall out
steam them in a bamboo basket (you can get them at any asian grocer for about $6!) lined with baking paper for a few minutes and ta dah!!!
we had ours with soy sauce and broccolini! yay!