January 16, 2012

Woman of the Month - Januray

C recently returned from a trip down the south coast with a giant and i mean giant, mint condition vintage poster of a film titled....Isadora. we then wondered who this Isadora Duncan lady with a movie about her was...well, turns out SHAME ON US! how could we not know who Isadora was!
So woman of the month for Jan is here to educate us all.
Isadora Duncan...born in 1877 in San Francisco (no wonder we didnt know about her!) and her legacy is that she pretty much created modern dance! wowah!
She lived in Western Europe teaching her free form dancing.  She was so popular and well known for her form of dancing that she inspired artists to paint and sculpt her, poets wrote poems and novels about her and her likeness was carved into the entry way of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées.
She travelled the world performing and was well know for not only her dancing but her love affairs of which she had many with both men and women.
She had two children who were sadly both killed in a car accident with their nanny. Isadora herself died in Paris at the age of 50...she love of silk scarves was to blame when the one she was wearing while riding in a motor car became entangled in the wheel and broke her neck.
We are madly trying to track down a copy of the 1968 Isadora movie starring Vanessa Redgrave so we can learn some more and then everytime we look at C's picture we will know what this lady was all about!