August 30, 2011




well i never thought i would see the day but here it is..snake skin is back!! my last memories of it include a fluro lime snake skin bag i got in bali and that i thought was rather fab at 17yr! any who..these are some less scary versions! i think bags and shoes are the way to wear this trend!

colour me happy

Camilla spring / summer 2011 Campaign
queen of the kaftans is back with her summer collection!!
love her prints...always do...but not sure about the styling on this campaign?? I don’t hate it but I’m not loving it either...not sure what it is, but any who...her pieces are incredible nether the less!

August 29, 2011

link love

i love simple geometric jewellery especially triangles so when i spotted this on etsy i was a little bit excited!!!

its my birthday soon and i'm feeling that the gold one should be a little happy birthday to me present?

make sure you visit the etsy store for the polka dot magpie here to see all the amazing jewellery creations!

there are lots of different colours to choose from and even better they are recycled!

images from thepolkadotmagpie

to market to market

Picnik collage
steviie had a stall at glebe markets on saturday in the sunshine!
C picked up some amazing bargains including her new super size sunglasses! not to mention 3 tops, a pair of ankle boots, a pair of paper scissors pants plus a pair of denim shorts all for $50! hello! got to love market shopping and people cleaning out their wardrobes!
these our the new steviie copper rings! lots of love!

tigerlily spring/summer

LOVE tigerlily shoots they are always so dusky and dreamy!
this one is no exception! big fan of miss matched bikini! and pom pom trim!! yessss~
on another does anyone get a stomach that looks like that! no seriously!


in bloom....

offically spring this week! i'm already in the mood with all this good weather and i filled the house with fresh flowers over the weekend! there is nothing better!!
i squeezed some fairy flowers into this small glass jar doesnt it look cute! i dont know what these flowers are called but we have always called them fairy flowers...they are so small they are like tiny bouquets for fairies!

no idea what these are called either! i just loved the way the buds uncoil and i have a weakness for white flowers.

x o x o

August 24, 2011




our love affair with one teaspoon continues as we daze at these snaps from their swim 2011 campaign...the model, the head dress, the metallic lycra...what is not to be obsessed with!!!

August 23, 2011


more things i want! what a surprise!!!!
stumbled across the unearthen website today and beware you will want you will need many a piece of their jewellery collection...
my top 2 (i couldnt pick one!) on my list.... the silver prism cuff! amazing i know!!! and the amethyst pendant...beautiful!

you can shop from their site here and be warned there are rings, watches, necklaces...cuffs...its all so good and will make you greedy as we have all just witnessed me here!
images from unearthen

cuff em

i love the double cuff look i.e. one on each wrist! its so gladiator! ha ha
some inspiring pics for this trend that i found on weheartit. the bigger the better i say!

August 22, 2011

the weather just keeps getting better and better! spring is on the way!
my favourite things this weekend...
the chilli mussels i made on friday night...amazing with a couple of cold beers and some crunchy bread! plus super easy! the recipe is here
and the great impression sparkadias new album that i downloaded yesterday...mary is by far my fav song!

and seeing as i'm going to be in bali a month from today (yeeahhh!!!) i picked up this cheeky one piece from nookie beach so i look glam pool side!

August 19, 2011

my gift to you


happy friday peepers!
rain = boo

weekend = yay!
i plan to do lots of sleeping! tonight i am attempting chloes chilli mussel soup! wish me luck!

enjoy! xo

and again

i know i have harped on about pleats many a time but look! look at them! arent they just sooo good!!! just dreamy!

pleated midi skirt on the summer shopping list i think!
images from weheartit

August 18, 2011

its him

yep thats right...him...he...male...andre
i've blogged about andre before, he has taken the modeling world by storm with his feminine apperance.

frankly..he is gorgeous! beautiful! those cheek bones! and that lovely blonde hari! i mean really!
here he is yet again pushing the gender line for the block - Andrej Pejic: The Block S/S '11

August 17, 2011

so this rainy day as me dreaming of green pastures and ta da! wish list time!!!!
i am OBSESSED with this bag! red.perforated.leather! yum!!!!
bag by something else (you can by at gp) jolie sandals from wanted shoes (also in black) low luv bones bracelet by erin wasson, butter london nail polish in ...wait for it...minger! ha ha
i need the bag i need the bag!


C had me over for dinner last night, as we giggled over a few vinos i snapped some pictures of her mantel which i love! its so pretty and simple, a collection of glass jars, vases and candle holders she has collected over time for vintage stores! love!

next time you empty the jam jar you might want to rethink chucking it out!

daddy daddy hair

seems to be a summery trend happening over in la la land with the celebrities and their hair colours!
lots of fun colours my fav's are definately Kate's blue tips and Diana from Glee's pink mop and her matching sunnies!

August 15, 2011

my la laaa

monday! boo!!!!!
but i had a nice weekend so i cant complain too much! yesterday C and i shared a vanilla malt milkshake a heart cookie! it felt like we were little again!! ps malt is just the best!

then i made chicken faijitas and apple way to finish the weekend after drinking wine and cooking to gotye! (we LOVE gotye! album out on the 22nd of this month! yippeee!)
getting really prepared for summer seeing as we both purchased new cossies on the weekend! hello spray tan is all i can say!!
have a great day! L ox