June 30, 2011

this pale english flower whos signature looks is a little bit messy, a little bit grunge, a little bit bad is one of our favs! dark doey eyes and power to the burnettes woop!(guess what colour hair we have!) we love her and she just so happens to be on the cover of this months yen! hooray!
images from weheartit

well i'll be

my oh my!! mr louboutin has crafted a pair of 8 inch stilettos drapped in silk and swarovski's for a silent charity auction with funds going to the english national ballet. and yes, they do of course have the signature red sole as well! incredible to say the least!
read more at the daily mail here. image from the daily mail.

topshop where art thou

drummm roll pleasseeeeeeeee...
top shop. is. coming. to australia. THIS. YEAR!
mmmm hmmm! yes the rumour is true! topshop has been scouting sydney & melbourne for its first store location, and its looks as if chapel st melbourne will be lucky enough to grace the first store!
yay! as if we needed an even better excuse for shopping trips to melbourne!!
and to keep us on our toes here are some pics for them s/s '11 look book!
images from fashionising

June 24, 2011

f yeah friday

oh yeah so happy to see the end of the week and time for the weekend!!
this pic sums up my afternoon at the computer...mm's to get me through and paw paw that i have been applying to my lips rather obsessively just because i find it soothing
nothing planned for the weekend which i love! some steviie items are in need of some attention and the boyfriend promised to buy me a foot massage! happy days!
have a great weekend everyone!
L xo

June 23, 2011

currently obsessing

lanolips! yum!!
lanolin lip colour in a nut shell so super duper moisturising and they come in lots of different colours! and they have no baddies in them! very pure!
i picked up lanolips in apples sheer red for some fun and for a bargain $13.95!! head to priceline or you can purchase online at adore beauty...here!

i remember



IMG00906-20110622-1754Picnik collage
a few new things as the week is almost out!
my beautiful poppies i gifted myself yesterday as a little pick me up! i love poppies so much! so relaxed!
and....new rose quartz steviie pendants...they are so dreamy and beautiful i'm just going to HAVE to have one! avaliable now on chain email steviie@ymail.com to purchase

x x x

June 21, 2011

Erin Heatherton Elle Russia July 2011

summer!!! where are you!!! this shoot has got me wanting a swim and a sunbake soooooo bad!

and the sunglasses!!!! i wish i could read russian! they are amaze!
images from here

June 20, 2011



weekend is over! why do they always go so fast! but it was nice to see the sun out! hooray! i spent saturday relaxing in the sunshine and recieved this lovely bowl as a house/unit warming pressie from my little friend Savannah and her mummy Larn! Thanks ladies, it makes my oranges look too good to eat!

and now....drummm rolll pleassseeeeeee


now. has. an. online. store. in. Australia.


say hello to delicous moisturisers, lip balm, make up, sunblock, shampoo, you name it!! get clicking here!

June 17, 2011


blue sky!!! its been so long!! lets all cross our fingers that it stays this way for the weekend!
celebrating a friends 30th tomorrow night in ture winter style...the big chill theme calls for retro ski gear attire! turqouise overalls and a white skivvy should do the trick i think! i'm a little nervous about the white skivvy!
olsen pic for a happy friday just because we love them and never get sick of seeing their photos and what they are wearing/experimenting with at that moment!
happy friday! have a great weeekend xo

June 16, 2011

who am i ... just guess


why its miss aguilera!!! yes yes i couldnt believe it either!
on the cover of W magazine, great shoot! head over here to W magazine to see the other photos from the shoot!

the gava

these shoes, well.... i feel that if my feet could talk they would ask for these.
soo gorgeous! hard to picture a nice summer shoe at the moment with all the rain but they are so sexy!
Isabel Marant's Gava pump in leather and cotton-raffia! raffia! how clever!
if you have the penny's you can purchase them at netaporter clicking here (but i dont want to know about it!)
below they are being sported by supermodels Gisele and Rosie! they look even better on!


June 15, 2011


harry potter beauty emma watson looking might fine in the latest issue of vogue US
wish i could pull of a slicked back pixie cut! imagine!

and dont even start me on the jewelled tights!

hi hi hi

sorry sorry its been soooo long! hope everyone had a great long weekend despite the stupid weather!
this photos sums up my weekend! magazines, tea, the couch, the cooking channel and mums left over birthday cake. heaven i tell you!
oh and a little ebay!!! ill share as soon as the goods arrive! very exciting! ;)

June 9, 2011

happy birdy

happy birthday to the best mum in the world!
love you ma! xx
ps..i made the cake! not sure how it tastes but isnt she pretty!

um. crazy

now i have actually seen it all!
this lady from the netherlands was really feeling the love when she had the profile pics of 152 of her friends tattooed on her arm. wowah!
check out the article and the youtube video of the work in progress here
ps i have to say even though its crazy its hard not to admit that the artwork is rather amazing!

June 8, 2011

fit for a room


LOVE this cute outfit! the leopard with the mint! oh and pleats! love pleats!

so i was having a play and my homewares obsession lead me to pick a few things that could transform this outfit into some room decor!

some moroccan silver trays, mint ikat cushions, chocolate leather poufs and lucky last a dinosaur tortisshell vase! bliss!

now if i could only take all of this home!

Eniko Mihalik: Muse S'11 (NSFW)

this shoot makes me what a tan and some smokey eyeshadow so badly!
oh and a gold dress! mmm
images from fashionising