November 11, 2010

its in the bag

all this really was in my bag. i take off my jewellery, forget about it and before you know it all this is floating in the bottom! probably not the safest place for it all but it sure is handy when your running for the bus in the morning and find a necklace to pop on!

left to right:
L necklace. a birthday present from Milk.
Silver bangle from the boyfriend
Wish bone! C & I brought matching ones on a trip to america! love x
Turquoise ring! Its my favourite! purchased on a trip to hawaii after too many chi chi's! thank god i love it!
Lola & Bailey necklace pinched from C's room when she moved out last week! thanking you!
thin gold ring no idea where its from and the stone has fallen off but shes a keeper L xo