September 30, 2010

what makes you think of summer?

...for us its sunblock and coconut, the smell of fresh flowers as the sun goes down, loads of fresh fruit in a rainbow of colours, eating a orange with your hands and letting the juice run everywhere...
we have been trying to capture the essence of summer and we have packaged it into 3 neat little jars.. Steviie candles are available in coconut, tea rose and orange blossom.
we reccomened enjoying them with a good book, an itimate dinner party or a hot bath... enjoy
C x

Pandora goes PINK

We both have long been fans of the theatrics of the Romance Was Born label, their garments in our eyes are like art works and we are always thrilled to see their latest collections. The aussie label has recently teamed up the Pandora and Harpers Bazaar for the Pandora Goes Pink Charity Auction. A series of one-off photographs, showcasing their Renaissance Dinosaur collection, will be auctioned off tonight with all the proceeds going the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Talented and Kind! x




doesnt she look cute!

took a little snappy of L at the markets on saturday, sitting pretty in her 'turband' and steviie vintage scarf necklace.... C x

eye of the beholder...


hellllooooo michael kors!

um...these pants from michael kors ss11 are A-MAZING! anything with sparkles gets my attention and i love that this style of loose pants is making a comeback! happy days! L x

my thrusday...

a couple of snaps of my sunny thrusday morning!
tassels i'm making for a new steviie necklace, a steviie necklace wrapped up and headed to brooklyn nyc
my new L necklace a beautiful birthday present from my friend milk, fresh summer strawberries and my urban outfitters sandals that i finally get to wear! L x
thur6 thur5 thurs3 thrus2 thurs1

September 29, 2010

oh pucci!

pucciSS11MFW14 pucciSS11MFW5 pucciSS11MFW12 pucciSS11MFW10 pucci
these pucci dresses make me want to rob a bank! right now!
there is a lot of love here! where to even begin...the flow, the fall, the colours, the trimmings! tassels, jewels, beads!
dear heaven please send me one!
We know what we are
But not what we may be


whats on your t-shirt today?


September 28, 2010

next time you hit up bill and tonis for a penne do yourselves a BIG favour and stop in the cafe down stairs on your way out for one of their counter treats!
a heart shaped freckle and a game of playboy pin ball... what more could you want! L x

feathered friends

feather 4

feather 3

feather 1

feather 5

feather 2

feather 6

Woman of the Month

jose2 jose La Baker.

Josephine Baker Born 1906 in America & first African American to star in a major motion picture. A dancer, singer and actress nicknamed the Black Pearl she was living on the streets when her dancing on street corners got her recruited for the St Louis Chorus show at 15.

In the early 1920’s she headed to New York to dance on Broadway and in 1925 she opened the Theatre des Champs Elysees in Paris, becoming an instant success for her erotic dancing and appearing rather nude on stage! Her pet cheetah Chiquita often joined her on stage in its diamond collar.

During World War II she transported coded messages for the Resistance on her sheet music. She adopted 12 childresn with her second husband, she was bisexual and its confirmed she had an affair with mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Ernest Hemingway called her "… the most sensational woman anyone ever saw."

Our very special friends Chloe and Matt became proud parents on Saturday when they welcomed daughter Amelie Harper into the world!
She is pink and perfect and we are in love!
Happy Birth-day Amelie! Love Aunt Joyce & Uncle Lawerence

September 27, 2010

f e v e r

LOVE love loving this photo shoot...its got such a 70's vibe to it! the blonde flicks, the bodysuit and the AMAZING gold braclets!!



Edita Vilkeviciute: Numero #117 October 2010
soooooo at the markets on saturday a lovely lady was having a browse when i noticed her hair....was sparkling!
thats right folks she was wearing glitter hair spray!!!
could it come back? i wont lie i could be tempted to give it a go?? or is it to 'dance concert'??
L x

September 26, 2010


ok so we have some what stretched out the birthday again this year (as the boyfi keeps telling me) but we had an amazing time celebrating with good friends, pleanty of cocktails and a little bit of irish dancing!
i wore my new fab find vintage summer skirt that i scored for a bargin $10!
and L wore a great find that she bought on ebay.....

C x



September 24, 2010

glebe tomorrow

come and visit our stall at glebe markets tomorrow in the sunshine! we are selling our 'steviie' jewellery, pictures below if you want anything just email us! x