August 31, 2010

its a ring thing

sooooooooooo just purchased this little ring on my lunch break when im not supposed to be spending any money but i think its kinda cute!! no???

ps. please excuse my dry old lady hands!

lady gaga for the cover of japans version of vogue for men...playing man


spring is here mish mash


August 30, 2010

ksubi 2011 eyewear ad campaign
featuring bambi northwood-blyth who we have a serious girl crush on! we love her!
and we love the range of glasses and this campaign, the colourings in the photos are good very good.





dreaming this lovely monday morning about how tall i would be in these navy suede amazing wedges by giuseppe zanotti. mmmm navy suede! x

August 29, 2010

ola chickas, visit our facebook page for steviie jewellery... x

chain reaction

...what do you think?? will/should the sunglass chain make a comback?

we wont lie...they are very practical! but can it be done!

to market to market

we hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the spring sun!

a big BIG thanks to everyone who came to visit us at the markets yesterday!

have a great sunday night


August 27, 2010

happy friday peepers!
i am off to have sashimi and an almond magnum with the biffal!
hope you all have a great night & weekend!
come and visit us at glebe markets tomorrow! L x


naked portraiture of miss moss by mario sorrenti for vogue hommes international.


english lady su blackwell is far from being short on talent. very far.
her book sculptures transport you into a fairy tale world and make you want to jump right in
we love books and we are loving these
below are some of our favourites be sure to check out her website to view her entire portfolio




mexican margaritas

Summer has us feeling silly….cucumber jalapeno margaritas???
we like jalapenos, we like cucumbers …. mmmmm
we are thinking of giving these a go, we think on a summery Sunday afternoon with a couple of taco’s they wouldn’t be too bad!
and we can’t explain why but we can hear j-lo’s ‘let’s get loud’ playing in the background??!?!?

Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita's
You will need:
1/2 litre tequila! wowah!! (or vodka if you have been scarred for life off tequila)
3 jalapenos or buy the jar ones and put a couple of table spoons in
1 cucumber
freshly squeezed lime juice
lime wedges

Instructions …
Slice jalapenos and combine with tequila in a jar or swing-top bottle. Infuse the tequila with jalapenos for three days. (Or you can cheat and put it on a sunny windowsill for one day.)

Roughly chop the cucumber and whizz it in a food processor until you have a mash. Run it through a sieve to extract the juice, leaving most of the skin behind. Cucumber juice will keep in the fridge for a couple of days.

To make one margarita, fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add a shot or two of jalapeno-infused tequila, 60ml cucumber juice, a splash of lime juice and some sugar. Shake and serve on the rocks in a glass rimmed with salt.
Garnish with a lime wedge.
frenchy lou doillon for anthony vaccarello
loving the structure of these pieces and doillons oozy coolness
can i please have the bra top for my birthday! its insanely good!

images from stylebubble




August 24, 2010

how clever can you get

We have been staring at these photos for a really long time thinking ‘how the hell’ ‘amazing’ ‘wow’

Dalton Ghetti carves pencils into miniature artworks, the hobby for the artist, can take up to two years for each work

They are simply astonishing! So small, so detailed, so clever.

Images from





having a moment

yes yes i am having another day were i let my mind wonder back to childhood...remember all these favourites!!
baby sitters club books! pretty sure we had the whole collection! stacy was our favourite! the gummy bears! good old 90's cartoon that left you wishing you could actually have one, dummy rings which were like so cool, troll dolls that you would collect and collect and then grow up and wonder what your going to do with them all! and of course...Girlfriend! take it from me, ill be good to you babe...and we all had a turn up hat with a giant sunflower...but of course!

ruby rub-ay

only one week of winter left!! jiggity jig! and if you didnt know that you can tell buy the amazing spring fruits starting to appear like the wonderful ruby grapefruit i enjoyed today! look at the colour! yum!

August 22, 2010

election bbq

we braved the cold on saturday night and went to our good friends Nick & Ash's for an 'election bbq'!
we sat outside all rugged up by the bbq with chicken and salad! things then got serious with a game of pictionary, some high kicks, rosemary capricosas (nicks secret reciepe!) and a red wine accident!

here are some pickies of us playing silly buggers in the kitchen...

cast your vote!

sunny saturday and voting day! the highlight of the day was definately the lamington we shared at the school we went to, to vote.

lamingtons are insanely under rated! it was fluffy and it was chocolate and then there was the coconut! here is c hooking in! we fought for the last bite!
she is wearing her steviie rings that we sell at the market! she stacks them up! love x

cast your vote!

sunny saturday and voting day! the highlight of the day was definately the lamington we shared at the school we went to, to vote.

lamingtons are insanely under rated! it was fluffy and it was chocolate and then there was the coconut! here is c hooking in! we fought for the last bite!

friday night games

a couple of snaps from our friday night sewing session for the markets on saturday.

elastic headbands with decorative buttons & the velvet turbands!

August 20, 2010

red red wine...stay close to me

we have lots to do for the markets tomorrow!

red wine and pasta is on tonights menu to help get us through all the work!
we will post some photos later of our progress.

forecast for tomorrow is bright and sunny which we hope will put everyone in a wonderful shopping mood! hooray!!
come and visit us at glebe :)

bring back the beret!

the Australian Army beret that has been worn by the troops for decades has been given the flick! the 'slouch' hat must now be worn by the soilders who are very unhappy with the new rule and are rebelling against it! berets forever!!!!!! x


we are obsessing over these photos of model luisa bianchin by photographer billy kidd. they are personal and beautiful and raw and we dont know what else! just amazing!
check out billy's blog -
images from fashionising



August 19, 2010

by god...he's got it

here are some snaps of christopher kanes resort 2011 line.
are the prints not incredible! the series of prints are photos from solar telescopes. genius!
i have a crush on the tshirt dress with leather sleeves, its galactic goodness! ha ha oh yes i did!



ships ahoy!

ships ahoy is the new line avaliable from robert gordon and how fun!

would you not love to eat your meat and three vege off one of these plates? were sure it would just taste better!

visit for the full range we have already filled our carts and are headed for the checkout! no doubt you wont be far behind us! x