May 31, 2010

the american dream...

so we are off to LA in a couple of weeks! we hope to find lots of amazing and pretty things to share with you and to shop shop shop!!!

a bit of star spotting would be nice and lets not forget....L A S V E G A S!

me me me me me me me

me! I really really want this! wouldn't it look really really nice on me! ha ha

givenchy head band...a only a mere $5000! seriously!!! oh a girl can dream! x
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May 30, 2010

the end.

and so the weekend comes to a close...its been cold and rainy.
I hope everyone has had a relaxing and warm weekend.
...too short I'm sure but I hope its been cozy all the same.
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May 29, 2010

knuckle dusters

so there is something new going on with jewellery...the knuckle ring.
we kinda like and kinda want to get one!
its just so tough! ha ha
does anyone have one?
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May 28, 2010

..we love a bit of nanna......

bring back the sunglass chain we say! Not only would your Nanna be proud, they are practical and we think rather cool! These are on our shopping list for our next trip to Vinnies! We will let you know what we be continued...

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thank you!

thats right! thank you! its friday! and it couldnt come soon enough!

looking forward to dinner and a vino with my lady friends and perhaps getting a little bit silly!
have a fabulous weekend! xx
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May 26, 2010

check it out

the Head On photo festival is currently on - cafes, resturants and galleries around Sydney will be exhibiting local and international photography until June 5. Check it out for a bit of fun before it ends!
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wish apon a star...

I'm crushing on this josh goot dress.
...I think I really need it
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in need of a holiday...

somewhere warm...with cocktails and shopping and cold beers in the afternoon after you have spent the day skies and clear water and cold showers on your sunburn...fresh seafood and fruit platters for breakfast and sandals and summer dresses...and thats all.
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May 25, 2010

image from tavi

big eyebrows! yes ma'am!

finally thick eyebrows are making a comeback! being bushy eyebrow gals ourseleves its very nice to see! this pretty lady makes them look AMAZING! ours dont exactly look like that but its a start! and...this model...her name is... bambi! cute!
image from fashionising

daddy daddy hair!!!

my hair is in desperate need of any update...I'm aiming for colour not cut as my mane takes years and years to grow! What do you think?? Too much??
image from cocokelley

May 24, 2010


in love with c's new bag...$6 from St Vincent de Paul!

...clickidy clack western lovers...

images from and they ever really go out of fashion?... we're thinking NO!

there is no denying it.. we all have a bit of cowgirl in us, and if MK loves them, we certainly do to!

wear with ripped jeans or floaty praire style dress x

homemade tomatoe soup...mmmm

what you need . . .

 1 kg tomatoes peeled and chopped – or 2 large tins of diced tomatoes
 1 medium onion, chopped
 1 clove garlic crushed
 1 teaspoon of sugar
 1 tablespoon of fresh chopped basil
 3 cups vegetable stock
 1 tablespoon olive oil

what to do . . .
Put oil in large saucepan over medium heat. Add onion and garlic, cook, stirring until transparent.
Add tomatoes and sugar and cook covered for 5 mins.
Add vegetable stock and bring to the boil, cover and simmer 10 mins. Stir in fresh chopped basil.
Serve topped with fresh rocket and shaved parmesan cheese.... yummy!!
image from wikepedia

shake it....shake it

druummmm roollll pleassseee!


well...sort of. Polaroid have just realised the Polaroid 300, a cute little camera that takes and prints polaroids just like the good old days!! check out the polaroid website for all the details but its exciting all the same! from what we can see the photos look just like the old school version!

we are hopping to get our hands on one of these babies so we will keep you posted on the outcome.

ps..johnny depp is beautiful.

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... rolling stones tour coming 2012!

... thats right ladies, its rumoured the stones will be heading down under come 2012!
. . . i cant get no...
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May 23, 2010

girl crush!

We have no doubt that there are many out there who think Australian model Samantha Harris is amazing!
We personally LOVE her! (and her miu miu dress!)
We cant wait to see this cute little lady continue to take the modelling world by storm!
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news flash!

thats right kids! a selection of the amazing heels, wedges, clogs, sandals and platforms will be found at TUCHUZY Bondi as of....MAY!! Um....its May! WOO! I think a trip to bondi is a calling!
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May 21, 2010

oh pretty please....

I found this pic this morning and I'm secretly wishing

1. that I had a little sequin chanel number in the cupboard

2. that I could like like diane kruger in it!

image from garnadcedore

thank goodness!

thats right people! Smile its Friday! Woo Whoo!

the sun is poking his head out this morning lets hope he wants to hang around for the weekend!

off to an engagement party tonight which should be lots of fun!

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May 20, 2010

i want ... i need... i love

who wants to buy me a present!!

we have both developed an obsession with clogs recently (& alexa chung!)

not sure where to buy them though seems they are yet to hit the shelves around town!

if anyone is feeling super generous I would love a little pair of the black jeffery campbell clogs...size 8 ha ha
Lu xxx

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May 19, 2010

rain rain go away!

I don't know about everyone else but all this rain is starting to hurt my feelings! I do love rain, we need the water but if the sky could maybe stop sobbing as I walk to and from work! That could be nice??

I would much rather be wrapped up on the couch with some hot toast and tea! x x

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May 18, 2010

cc & lulu's weekend trip to chilly melbourne

... there is nothing better than escaping sydney to head to chilling melbourne to learn how winter should be done... perfect coats, beanies, coffee and open fire bars.

we enjoyed delicous lunches at one of many scrumptous veggie bars, shopping, trams and polished it all off with jugs of sangria at madame brussels - a rooftop bar complete with fake grass, lawn chairs and retro waitresses donned in pink pink pink!

look no further for a bargain than brusnwick st, richmond.

we fell in love with, one nine one a fantastic op shop in the heart of brunswick st, whats even better it all goes to the red cross.

we love ...

homemade pancakes….
where to start….
 1 egg
 1 cup flour
 3/4 cup milk
 2 Tablespoons oil
 1 Tablespoon sugar
 3 teaspoons baking powder
 1/2 teaspoon salt
 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
to make….
Mix all your dry ingredients together in a nice big bowl, add in your egg, milk, oil and vanilla Mix until smooth. Pour out small rounds onto your hot frypan or for extra crunch fry on the bbq.
hint: when tiny bubbles appear on the surface of your pancake its almost time to flip!

...say hello to winter