December 23, 2010


um!!! insanely cute!
as you drink your tea a little animal appears that is hidding in the bottom of your cup!
you can get deers, bears and little owls!!
i really want some i havent yet worked out where to buy them becauses the site is in japanese but ill keep you posted because who doesnt want one!





this is bondi my moon light last night although there isnt a lot of light happening!
but you can see the beautiful full moon and the lights at the north end of the beach

December 22, 2010

oh but wait!

why is it that last week if you asked me what i wanted for christmas i couldnt think of anything and now 3 days before christmas i'm finding all these gorgeous things that i really need!!
like.... this camel skirt from nasty gal and this beautiful gold plated ring with onyx and pearl!
the ring comes all the way from turkey! you can buy this ring (but dont cause i want it!) from etsy seller toosis and other amazing rings and jewellery! mmm maybe a little xmas present to myself...

Picnik collage

images sellers own from nasty gal & toosis

December 20, 2010



umm are these not the cutest!!! we LOVE jelly shoes!! reminds me of when we were little begging our grandma for glitter jelly sandals!
firefly jelly shoes from fiebiger! made from a soft plastic, in 7 different colours including black, white and yellow
i'm not lying! you can buy them on their website here

absolutely love this chloe ad! as i do with all of theirs but this is so fresh and happy! love it!

not long now.


not long till the big guy is here! only 5 sleeps until santa arrives!!
i'm desperately counting down my last days of work and keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!
hope everyone had a great weekend i headed up to palm beach for a wedding! it was beautiful!!
and here is the lemon coconut slice recipe we promised! its sooo tasty! (probably because its full of butter)

this slice is sooo quick to make you dont even have to bake it! amazing!! makes about 18 large squares depending on the tray/dish you set it in.

125g butter
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
1 x pack of milk arrowroot biscuits
1 cup desiccated coconut
1 tablespoon of lemon zest (dont worry you use the juice later your not stuck with bald lemons)

1 3/4 cups icing sugar
50g butter
2 tablespoons lemon juice
desiccated coconut for sprinkling on top of slice

grease a rectangle backing tray and line with paper, its up to you how thick or thin you wand the biscuit base but something around 18cm long is good. or you can use a circle cake tin and cut your slice into wedges.

place butter and condensed milk in a small saucepan over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally. once the butter is melted remove from the heat.

finely crush biscuits using a blender or food processor or our method of putting them in a plastic bag and bagging them with a rolling pin.

put the crushed biscuits in a bowl and add coconut and lemon rind.

add the butter mixture to the biscuit bowl and stir well to combine.

press the mixure into your pan/tray, pack it down nicely and flatten with you hand so its nice and smooth then refrigerate until its cool.

whip together butter, icing sugar and lemon juice for your icing.

spread the icing over the biscuit base, sprinkle with extra coconut over the top. refrigerate, remove from your pan, slice it into square and eat!!

December 16, 2010

a little bit of sunshine...

i have recently moved into a beautiful sundrenched unit in north randiwck and thought i would share some of my favourite things with you.... enjoy... C x

oneteaspoon winter 2011...bambi



holy mother!
only 8 days until christmas!!!
i wrapped my presents last night! dont they look pretty under the tree! i still have a few presents to get which is abit distressing i'm not sure i can face the shops!
i hope everyone is getting excited for christmas and hopefully some holidays!!

Vogue cover compilation art - 2010


December 15, 2010

stylish lady

introducing margherita missoni.
the stunning 27yr old italian is the heiress to her family's fashion house....missoni.
we think she has amazing style and she is friggin beautiful!


steviie agate rings

this is a snap shot of the steviie agate rings we currently have avaliable at glebe markets on saturdays. they are so pretty and so fun!
each one is different!
Agates are a variety of quartz characterized by their distinctive grains and bright color. They are found in various kinds of rocks but are mostly associated with volcanic rocks.



these photographs are by Steven Chee.
He is, as you can see, amazingly talented and one of Australias most sought after fashion & beauty photographers. its no wonder.
He is renowed for his attention to detail and for delivering inspiring imagery. Make sure you check out his website to see his full portfolio its beautiful

Steven Chee


happy hump day!! i dont know about everyone else but the days seem to be flying by with Christmas creeping up! and i seem to be rushing all day! rush here, rush to get a present, rush to wrap, rush rush! anyway! it is a very exciting time of year regardless and i'm counting down my 5 days left of work! then its holiday relax time! yay!!!
tonight C & I are baking! Well...she is baking and i will wash up ha ha! its her famous lemon coconut slice she makes every year for christmas! its sooo good! ill post the recipe tomorrow, you really must try it! L xo

December 14, 2010



its no secret we love crochet! we've blogged in the past about our failed attempt at trying to learn the skill! sienna actually is pretty good she started a blanket! but the highlight of the lesson for me was the free tim tam.

but i picked up this cute dress for a bargain $10 at the markets on saturday so why learn to crochet! really! C got the cream and i got the black and we can share the love! ah! L xo


melissa shoes are baacck with a new style! the Amazonas! I'm loving the grey!!! is it too late to add to the christmas list?? you can buy them here with all her other styles


you would most likely remember her for her collaboration with vivenne westwood for the lady dragon shoes


messy hair and cigarettes


Alina Boyko for Luxos magazine.

christmas present numero uno

Copy of IMG_1869

Christmas came early on Saturday! We had our annual Christmas dinner with our friend Nicci and her family. Above: C, Nicci (Milk) and Myself in front of our tree!

I recieved an early present!


a beautiful aqua singlet top with cut out embroidery and a donna hay cookbook which i love!!!! if you know me you realise how appropriate and important it is that these recipes are 'simple'! thanks Milk! xo

December 13, 2010




what a great weekend weather wise! and i dont know about anyone else but ours was a busy one! markets, swims, christmas dinner, swims, christmas lunch, christmas shopping, and steviie jewellery making!
this is a photo of my beautiful tree on friday night while i sat on the couch watching the polar express trying to recope from my work christmas party the night before! the only light in the lounge room was from the fairy lights! its so pretty and smells amazing (i'm sure i've said this 10 times!)
we hope everyone had a great weekend! not long know until christmas! one more market stall for steviie before the christmas holiday so if you want anything visit us this saturday or send us an email - xoxo